Sergey Tron

Founder of White Rock Management

Serhiy Tron is a Ukrainian entrepreneur, investor, founder of the White Rock Management company and the Parea Foundation international fund.

The businessperson sets following priority areas: IT investment, innovative technologies, logistics and energy. Such companies as ST-Trans, Ecooil, Global Financial Management Group, UkrTVS and others are among the flagship projects of the entrepreneur.

The main investment partners are the leaders of the world market: the Big Four, Nvidia, AMD, Bitmain, as well as the largest companies in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Canada, North America.

Serhiy Tron is a consistent supporter of the introduction of ‘green’ business and ‘green’ energy sources in Ukraine. In particular, he uses hydropower in the construction of modern data centers.

01. Graduation from Dneprodzerzhinsk State Technical University
The entrepreneur graduated from Dneprodzerzhinsk State Technical University with a degree in mechanical engineering and the Yaroslav the Wise National Law University with a degree in jurisprudence.
He has been in business since 2006 that’s when Sergei Tron started his first company, ST-Trans, LLC, of which he was the general director until 2009.
02. Becaming one of the founders and first vice president of Global Financial Management Group, LLC.
From 2009 to 2014, the entrepreneur was in charge of Ecooil, LLC. At the same time, in 2012, Sergei Tron became one of the founders and first vice president of Global Financial Management Group, LLC.
Since 2013 till 2014, Sergei Tron held a position of First Vice President of the Vice Presidents Corps of the Office under CityCommerce Bank JSC Supervisory Board, and in 2017 became its co-founder. The bank's activities were terminated in 2020.
03. Creation of White Rock Management
The entrepreneur created White Rock Management company in 2016. The main mission of the company is to invest in technology and create the infrastructure of modern data centers.
04. Parea Foundation investment fund
Moreover, Serhiy Tron has been the chairman of the supervisory board of UkrTVS since 2017. And since 2020 he is the founder of Parea Foundation international investment fund. This fund invests in IT investments sector, logistics business and energy in Ukraine and abroad.
05. Sergey Tron’s hobbies
Since young age, Sergei Tron has been fond of sports: mainly boxing and athletics. In 2012-2014 he was the first vice-president of Kiev municipal organization of the Boxing Federation of Ukraine.
06. Sergey Tron’s life
He is married and has three children with his wife Darina. The businessperson collects objects of contemporary art, participates in charitable projects.